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Before you decide on a diet plan or weight loss program, take a few minutes to compare the different systems out there. A weight loss program can be quite a commitment, so it pays to compare the leading diet plans before you decide, especially when SmartDiets.info makes it so easy to compare the top diet programs online.

Cookie Diet by Dr. Siegal is a way to stick to your program by controlling your hunger. Eating a low number of calories is the way to trim pounds consistantly, but it can be so hard to stick with if you're hungry all the time. With Dr. Siegal's cookies and shakes as meal replacements, you can curb your appetite and control your eating. The secret is the special blend of amino acids Doctor Siegel formulated to curb your appetite, without drugs or unhealthy pills. Combined with a program supervised by your doctor, this can be a very healthy and effective way to get in shape.
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Diet To Go is a service that offers freshly prepared meals that are designed to help you lose weight. They've been doing it since 1995, so you can trust them to be experienced and know what they are doing. You'll find that it is so much easier to lose weight when you love the food, and it's so simple when delicious meals are delivered right to your door. Plus they guarantee weight loss. It's like having a personal chef, yet at the same time DietToGo provides a proven systems that has worked effectively for thousands of people. There are different versions depending on your preferences, such as low carb, low fat or vegetarian. Meals average less than $6, and their menu is extensive with many tasty choices.
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Sonoma Diet is a flavorful version of the Mediterranean diet. Instead of being deprived of enjoying food, you slow down and enjoy your meals, savoring the delicious recipes. You can keep at it and won't get bored of the recipes, because you can eat some of the most flavorful food out there. Plus you get online tools, support and motivation, so that you can make it really work.
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Denise Austin Fit Forever is the way to shrink your fat zones and get fit, tight and toned. With Denise Austin as your personal, online trainer and the super-slimming meal plans, lose weight and feel great. Their are fast, fun workouts you can use to trim and tone without going to the gym. Plus you'll have access to online message boards and total fitness motivation from Denise Austin to keep you positive and motivated to your personal best.
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Bob Greene's BestLife program is more than a weight loss plan; it's a way of life. The system is not designed merely to help you shed your excess pounds; instead, you'll learn how to keep the extra pounds off and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. The program is divided into three phases to enable you to ease into weight loss and fitness. The Best Life website features convenient meal plans, effective cardio workouts, and strength training exercises. You'll find the detailed support and information you need through the website's video and article archives and message boards.
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Biggest Loser Club offers a diet and fitness program inspired by the show "The Biggest Loser" on NBC TV. Join online and get daily meal options and recipes including food, recipes and shopping lists. Recive the free newsletter from The Biggest Loser Club to provide all the inspiration, motivation and information needed for success. You can even interact with the TV show's experts and contestants and connect with Bob Harper and Cast Members on the message boards for tips and secrets to success.
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