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With the Duke Diet & Fitness online weight loss program, they provide a proven weight loss plan designed to help people follow a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. There are 4 key components, daily meal plans, personalized exercise routines and advice from top experts. Plus there are online tools to help you track your progress, receive support 24 hours a day, plan daily meals, and much more. It is a system that really works; just read some of the success stories for proof and inspiration.

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Duke Diet & Fitness, physically located in Durham, North Carolina, has been providing proven weight loss results since 1969. The four-fold plan combines expert advice, healthy diet, fitness, and behavioral strategies while equipping you with specialized tools to monitor your progress. Make use of Duke's BMI calculator, weight tracker, and fitness calculator to stay on target.

Once you sign up for the diet plan, you'll learn to eat well with a personalized meal planner and over 400 recipes (including a personal recipe box). The delicious foods you eat will leave you feeling fully satisfied. A daily meal plan will be customized to meet your unique nutritional needs. The calorie tracker and food log will ensure you don't overindulge, and the nutrition guide and eating out guide will keep you consuming healthy foods.

The Duke Diet plan isn't confined to mere diet, however. You'll also be equipped with a custom fitness plan and an exercise video library, full of exercises you can perform in the comfort of your own home. In addition to fitness and diet, Duke Fitness Online also focuses on behavior. They understand that the human relationship with food is complex and that weight gain and loss is affected not just by diet and exercise, but by time, emotions, stress, and other behavioral and emotional factors. That's why they look at your overall well-being and provide both behavioral health assessments and a lifestyle journal. These tools are aimed at helping you to achieve long-term success and sustainable weight loss and good health.

Finally, with DukeDiet.com online, you'll be kept abreast of the latest research and findings on health, fitness, and weight loss, and you'll be able to partake in valuable discussions on the message boards. Joining the online plan gives you access to the DukeDiet & Fitness Center's staff of knowledgeable health care professionals. Informed consultants–including nutrition, medical, fitness, and behavioral health experts–remain on-hand to furnish you with timely information. Let Duke Diet and Fitness shepherd you towards your health, fitness, and weight loss goals online at www.dukediet.com.

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