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There are many weight loss programs, diet plans and diet products that can really help. Some of the best of these can be relatively expensive. The main goal of this site, SmartDiets.info, is to help you save on the diet plan, weight loss program or diet product of your choice.

We offer online coupons, promotion codes and discount specials for leading diet plans, weight loss programs and health meal plan delivery services. This means that you can come to us to find NutriSytem coupons for Nutri System Nourish, Weight Watchers promotion codes, South Beach Diet Online specials and eDiets.com discount promotions.

We also compile data from numerous online stores that sell weight loss products, such as diet pills, supplements, shakes and patches. We analyze and organize all of this data and provide search resource so that you can look up which merchants sell a particular item, compare prices, and buy the one that is cheapest.

As mentioned in our disclaimer, we do not dispense medical advice. Neither do we endorse or recommend the diet products, diet programs and weight loss plans you read about on SmartDiets.info. Although there is useful information here for comparing things like diet pills and weight loss diet plans, you would still want to consult expert advice before taking a new diet pill or beginning a new weight loss program.

Perhaps your doctor has already recommended a diet pill or you are already part of a program to help control your weight (such as Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers.) In that case, SmartDiets.info can still be useful so that you can possibly find coupons and discounts that help you save on the weight control products or programs you are already using.

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