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If you are looking for the best diet for life, to help you get fit, lose weight and become healthy, check out the discounts for Bob Greene's Best Life diet plan on this page.

BestLife offers you a chance to free yourself to work out, to eat responsibly, and to begin living life to its fullest. At TheBestLife.com, Bob Greene will introduce you to a three-phase diet and exercise program that helps slim the body and improve health while lowering the risk of diabetes and heart attack. The fitness portion of the plan is designed to maximize the afterburn effect, so that you keep burning calories long after you stop exercising.

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When we list a coupon code or promo code, you have to enter it onto the www.thebestlife.com site to activate the discount. Otherwise, just click our link to access the offer. Sometimes offers can change or end before we update the page. Check all offers before completing your order to make sure they are still working, and tell us if anything needs to be updated here.

With the BestLife diet plan, dieters can take the program at their own pace, gradually easing into increased exercise throughout the three phases. You can start with a free diet profile or sign up for access to an extensive array of health resources, including delicious meal plans with easy-to-follow recipes, step-by-step cardio workouts, strength training exercise plans, and useful information in the video and article archives. You'll be encouraged to keep an exercise log and discuss your progress and struggles with others on the message boards.

Bob Greene obtained his Masters in exercise physiology from the University of Arizona, and he was formerly in charge of the Health & Fitness Institute, a non-profit organization committed to inspiring people to live healthier lives through not only diet and exercise, but lifestyle modification. He co-authored a book with Oprah Winfrey about how to live a healthier life, and he helped her in her perpetual battle with weight loss. Bob Greene's impressive arsenal of advice can now be made available to you as well when you sign up for the Bob Greene BestLife plan.

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