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Beverly Hills Diet

Beverly Hills Diet BookThe New Beverly Hills Diet was the creation of Judy Mazel, a Hollywood actress, who had no background in nutrition whatsoever. This diet's guidelines can be confusing to the novice dieter since it relies on specific food combinations devised with complicated guidelines to achieve weight loss.

Very few restrictions as to food options are included with this diet plan, making it ideal for those individuals who have difficulty eliminating food choices. In fact, only artificial sweeteners and products classified as diet products are targeted for elimination from the dietary intake of dieters. However, certain combinations of basic food groups such as proteins and carbohydrates are included with this food combination diet.

Although this diet is based upon implementing specific food combinations in order to make weight loss possible, the Beverly Hills Diet companion book is designed to help with food selections for your combinations. It clearly delineates which specific food combinations are permitted and which ones are not.

This weight loss plan is especially intriguing for dieters who are looking for quick weight loss without restricting most foods from their calorie intake. Many food choices are permitted with this diet that are typically restricted from other diet plans. All of the following food options are permitted with this plan: cereals, grains, mayonnaise, oil, butter, cheese, fruit, ice cream, fish, meat, nuts, vegetables, and yogurt.

The reasoning behind the choice to select only certain types of food combinations is simple. Judy Mazel believed that the body is capable of digesting some food combinations more easily than others. She designed her plan to be used for a full 35 days in order for it be effective at weight loss.

Many guidelines must be followed in order to use the diet successfully. Protein should never be eaten with anything other than protein.

A single enzymatic fruit begins each day's food regimen. The selection can be taken from any of the following choices: mango, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, grapes, or watermelon.

Fruit should never be eaten with anything, not even other fruit. Therefore, dieters cannot eat fruit salads. Additionally, dieters need to wait one hour before they can eat any other type of fruit. Plus, they must wait a full two hours before they can eat any other type of food. Furthermore, once the dieter has eaten something from another food group besides fruit, she cannot eat any more fruit that day.

If the next food group that is selected after the morning fruit is carbohydrates, then the dieter can continue to eat as much carbohydrates as desired. That is, until she has eaten from the protein group.

Although nothing can be eaten with proteins or fruits, fats can be eaten with carbohydrates. Plus, as stated earlier, all artificial sweeteners, diet products, and light versions of food options are to be completely eliminated from the dietary intake of dieters.

In summary, this diet plan includes lots of fruit, few food restrictions, and many food combination restrictions. Depending on the dieters eating habits, this diet plan can lead to an initial weight loss of several pounds, a low intake of protein, or a low intake of calories. Since this program is rather general without specific guidelines of what is eaten each day, the long term success and healthiness of this plan will depend on the individual's implementation.

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