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The Shangri-La Diet

Shangri-La Diet BookThe Shangri-La Diet was created by Seth Roberts, an associate professor at the Psychology Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Although this diet does not eliminate certain foods from the daily diet of the individuals who follow its regimen (which is a very common attribute of many fad diets), it does require a pre-meal beverage that might not be to everyone's liking.

Specifically, the diet plan proposes that dieters drink sugar flavored water or olive oil before every meal or one hour after every meal to encourage fat burning and produce an adjustment to your body's mechanism for feeling hungry. As long as the dieters stick to this portion of the diet, Shangri-La allows them to eat as they normally would.

This weight loss diet requires the dieter to drink sugar flavored water or a tablespoonful of olive oil before eating a meal or one hour after eating a meal. The total amount of olive oil that you are expected to ingest a day is two spoonfuls. The total amount of sugar flavored water that you are expected to ingest a day is six full tablespoons.

In the book you can read Seth Roberts scientific reasoning, justifying how this will adjust your internal system to help curb hunger, which naturally leads to eating less, and therefore, weight loss.

Although the program sounds rather odd, it is certainly intriguing. Dieters who are looking for a new diet plan and who can stomach the taste of olive oil several times a day might be interested in trying this diet. The expected weight loss varies with each individual according to how well they implement the required ingestion of sugar water and olive oil, as well as other factors such as exercise and calorie intake.

Although this program is somewhat strange, it is not inherently unhealthy like plans that entirely eliminate a certain food group from your diet (like carbohydrates), or worse, plans that limit you to consuming only one food. For those that prefer the traditional healthy dieting programs of nutritious foods and moderation of consumption, Medifast and Nutrisystem remain top choices.

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