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Doctor Siegal's Cookie Diet is a way to lose weight, by reducing the calories you eat each day, but without the hunger associated with other plans. Dr. Siegal's cookies and shakes are specially engineered using a secret recipe of amino acids to control your hunger. Don't be fooled by other "Cookie Diets" when this is the original system, conceived by a distinguished physician and weight loss professional.

In the table below we list offers and discounts for CookieDietOnline.com, where you can order Doctor Siegal's cookies and shakes online. If coupons or promotions are available, which is rare, we include them here.

Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet Offers

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The above offers to CookieDietOnline.com just need to be clicked to use, unless there is a coupon code. In those cases, you'll need to copy the promo code to the right spot before you place your order. In all cases, you must verify that the discount worked, because it may have changed or expired already.

Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET (www.cookiedietonline.com) is a convenient, tasty way to control appetite so that you can stick to a low-calorie diet. A cookie diet? It sounds crazy, doesn't it? But ever since 1975, Dr. Siegel, a renowned physician, author, and weight loss expert, has been supplying dieters with meal replacement cookies, shakes, and soups to control hunger so that people can stick to their diets. Dr. Siegel knows that hunger makes it almost impossible to keep a diet. Dr Siegel's cookies, shakes, and soups contain a secret blend of amino acids and food proteins that combine to curb your appetite and equip you to persevere in your chosen diet.

Dr. Siegel created the cookies because he found that 800 calories a day produces the fastest rate of true weight loss, but he realized it was just too difficult for patients to maintain such a diet due to hunger. So he worked to create a food that was good at controlling hunger but low in calories. He experimented in his home kitchen to find the perfect blend, and for decades now, his creations have been made in his own private bakery. You can use the cookies to aid your own diet, or you can embark on Dr. Siegal's 800-calorie-a-day diet consisting of six cookies and one meal.

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