Weight Loss Diet Plans

General Weight Loss Tips And Facts

There are seemingly new diets and weight losing fads on the Internet and bookshelves every single day and yet it's a documented and proven fact that Americans are getting fatter. The weight loss industry is one of the biggest and potentially most lucrative industries in the world but even though more and more companies are introducing a deluge of new products, they simply aren't helping in the majority of cases. Part of this is down to unachievable goals and unrealistic promises made by the companies in question. Unfortunately, the bad news is that no weight loss product can healthily help you to lose weight unless you make further changes in your life.

Leading A Balanced Life

Balance Diet and ExerciseThe two biggest factors in weight loss are diet and exercise. By only regulating one of these areas it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to lose weight and retain that weight loss. This brings us to another very important factor; any attempt at weight loss needs to be a prolonged and marked effort. Entering into any weight loss plan half heartedly will result in failure and in many cases when the weight goes back on it will do so in abundance.

The body has an uncanny ability to store up calories and use them to full effect when you begin to diet. This is why initial weight gain is common when starting a new diet, but this initial gain puts a lot of dieters off and results in the cessation of the diet. It is also fair to say that rest can be equally as important as exercise so make sure you are getting enough of both.


Selecting a diet and making life changes that are achievable and sustainable is important. Attempting to take on too much too quickly will usually result in a short-lived attempt at weight loss. Don't aim to lose 20 pounds in the first week by completely cutting out any dietary intake. This is not only ineffective but also extremely unhealthy. Be prepared for the fact that even with a good balanced diet and more regular exercise your weight may increase to begin with. Don't give up if this does happen.

Snack Foods And Soda

Soda is Packed With CaloriesOne of the biggest potential weight loss areas within your diet is snack foods and the liquids you drink. Soda is packed with calories but because it isn't eaten, many people overlook the effect of what they are drinking. Most alcoholic drinks are also very high in calories so try to limit your alcohol intake as much as possible. Many people see snack foods as comfort food, and whether they are at work or sitting at home watching television it is convenient and pleasurable to sit and eat a chocolate bar. Try to substitute these foods for low fat equivalents without completely eliminating them from your diet.

Exercising Effectively

Exercise is vital to any weight loss plan and it will also help you get and stay fit and healthy. You don't have to partake in strenuous exercise; attempting to run a marathon after two weeks of regular exercise would again be dangerous and futile. Walking is an excellent cardiovascular workout that gets the blood pumping, calories burning and muscles working.

Early Train Stop for ExerciseIf you don't live too far away from work then consider walking to and from your place of business. If you catch the bus or train, get off a stop earlier or two stops earlier. You can build up to bigger and better exercise plans over time but don't get carried away in the beginning with an exercise regimen that is difficult to sustain. The level of exercise you begin with will depend heavily on the exercise you already do.

Gradually Does It

The key to any weight loss plan is to take it in steps. Start small and gradually build up or your body will struggle to come terms with the new regime. This is true of diets and exercise. Remember that the healthiest of diets is a perfectly well balanced diet. This means that your body still requires an intake of fat as well as other substances that you have admonished as being particularly bad for your weight loss efforts. Everything in moderation should be fine.

If eating a well-balanced diet sound complicated and cooking healthy meals isn't imbedded in your DNA, check out the excellent diet plans available from Medifast and Nutrisystem. They offer meal plans that provide healthy nutrition to help you lose weight without having to do the work of counting calories and figuring everything out yourself.