Weight Loss Diet Plans

Keeping Extra Weight Off for Good

Whether you've lost a significant amount of weight, or even just a few pounds, you've achieved a great accomplishment. Unfortunately, keeping weight off for good isn't always easy. All too often, people slip back into their old habits. Slowly but surely, the weight comes back, and it can come back with a vengeance. People sometimes gain back the weight they've lost, and surprisingly they pack on more pounds than ever before.

Don't let unwanted pounds come back and distort the image you worked so hard to achieve. Dieting suggests a temporary lifestyle change, but for long-term success, permanent change is essential. Modify your habits as well as your lifestyle, and the changes you make will help you keep the weight off for good.

Weighing In

Weigh InExcess weight seems to come from nowhere, and before you know it, you could be back to square one. Don't let extra weight creep up on you. Weigh yourself at least every other day so you'll realize when you're putting on unwanted pounds. It's easier to drop a couple of pounds than ten or twenty.

If you notice that you've gained a pound or two, go back to the method you used to lose the weight in the first place. It won't take long to lose the weight again. Stay ahead of the game so you'll never be unpleasantly surprised.

Snacking Tips

Snacks help us make it through the day by providing energy and keeping hunger at bay. Although you've lost the weight you wanted to lose, don't make the mistake of falling back into a self-destructive routine. It's real easy to become comfortable and go back to eating fattening snacks in larger than acceptable quantities, but you don't have to revert back to uncontrolled and unacceptable eating habits.

Eat snacks that are low-calorie and satisfying. Choose snack foods such as fruit, raw vegetables with low-calorie dip, low-fat yogurt, or prepackaged reduced-calorie snack chips or cookies. Don't lose control and you won't have to worry about gaining back weight that was supposed to be gone for good.

Portion Control

Control Portion SizeSweet or salty snacks aren't the only types of food that can bring back extra weight. Eating larger than normal portions of almost any food on a regular basis will eventually cause weight gain. Many people don't comprehend normal portion sizes, and although they were successful at losing weight, they still don't know how to control portions on a daily basis.

If you're unsure what constitutes a normal portion, pay close attention to the recommended serving sizes listed on product labels. Take mental notes regarding the number of calories, and keep a random count throughout the day. Also, obtain a pocketsize calorie-counting guide if you don't already own one. It will come in handy at home as well as when dining out.

It's okay to occasionally splurge and have seconds, but it's important to control portion sizes most of the time. If you're still hungry, you can always fill up on lower calorie foods such as tasty tossed salad, fresh fruit, or savory vegetables. There's no need to ever go hungry when there are so many deliciously healthy choices available.


Brisk Walk for ExerciseRegular exercise is necessary to burn calories and keep unwanted pounds from coming back. Even those who sit at a desk most of the day can find time to exercise. A brisk walk just 20 minutes a day will help considerably, and if the weather isn't conducive to outdoor activity, consider investing in a 15-minute workout tape. Anyone can find fifteen or twenty extra minutes a day to invest in his or her physical health and appearance.

Clothes Shopping

When you find your waistline starting to expand, think back on how good you felt the first time you shopped for clothes after reaching your weight loss goal. Buying a smaller size and seeing a smaller figure in the mirror was surely a fantastic feeling, and you can feel that type of satisfaction again.

Don't give up and let old habits creep back into your life. If you've gained a few pounds, don't drown your sorrows by eating all the wrong foods. Take another shopping trip, and buy snug fitting clothes. New clothes without room for expansion will remind you of your weight loss goals, and you'll be more likely keep the weight off for good.