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The Hip and Thigh Diet

Hip and Thigh Diet BookThe Hip and Thigh Diet, created by Rosemary Conley, targets reduction in the hips and thighs. Specifically, Conley developed this diet plan in an attempt to provide a way for women to slim down two areas of their bodies that seem to be magnets for fat. A book dedicated to the Hip and Thigh Diet was published in 1980.

This diet targets the hips and thighs by requiring a low fat and low calorie intake in conjunction with exercises that promote thigh and hip reduction. It is intended to fulfill the needs of women who are looking to improve their body image and self esteem by slimming down and reshaping their hips and thighs.

Promoting a low fat and a low calorie intake throughout the course of several weeks or months, the Hip and Thigh Diet is designed to encourage healthier eating habits. Dieters are encouraged to select lean cuts of meat, chicken, fish, legumes, and vegetables while eliminating nuts, seeds, oils, butter, and all dairy products except low fat or fat free kinds.

Dieters must be willing to cut their fat intake drastically if they are to lose weight and notice any significant changes in the hip and thigh area. However, dieters are permitted three meals a day. Snacking is also permitted in controlled amounts as long as the foods are targeted from the suggested list of "acceptable" foods. Calorie counting is not required with this diet.

Since vegetables have a low fat content, dieters are encouraged to consume as many vegetables as they desire or can fit into their daily menu plans. Unfortunately, for individuals who have a strong liking for food products that have high fat content, the

Hip and Thigh Diet might be difficult to sustain on a long term basis.

Additionally, this particular diet plan might not produce the desired results since targeting the hips and thighs for reduction is difficult to achieve. However, dieters who follow the suggested dietary formula should experience some weight loss, especially since exercise is encouraged along with the fat restriction.

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