Weight Loss Diet Plans

Addressing Your Weight Loss Weak Spot

Come on, be honest. We've all got a dieting weak spot. Mine is having a late night snack, and it's the habit I'm finding the hardest to break in my healthy eating plan.

Bran FlakesBran Flakes for breakfast? No problem. No snacking in between meals? Yes, I can pretty much manage that too. A nice mixed salad for dinner? I love it.

But come ten o'clock at night, I find it so hard to resist having some chocolate with my cup of tea at bed time, you'd think I was a different person to the one that studiously eats those Bran Flakes every day.

Why? Why do my bad habits get the better of me last thing at night? I don't have the answer to that one yet, but I am starting to find a solution to the bad habit.

Chocolate Bar Instead of going "cold turkey" and stopping completely, I'm cutting down gradually. Instead of two chocolate bars, I'm having one. Then, when I'm used to that change, I'll go on to a low calorie, low fat biscuit. And then maybe I'll try and quit altogether - unless I'm hungry of course. You should never deprive yourself of food if you are truly hungry.

It's all a question of replacing old habits with new, healthier ones. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we don't have to go the whole distance all at once. It's actually easier to change gradually, and focus on one or two small changes at a time.

So what are your weak spots? Write them down and decide which one you'll tackle first. Don't worry about the others yet. There's plenty of time to succeed at conquering all your weak spots - but you'll be more assured of permanent success if you narrow your focus and tackle one at a time.

Why not make that list now? You could be on your way to healthier eating by the end of today.

Good luck!