Weight Loss Diet Plans

Fruits and Vegetables In Your Daily Diet

Fresh FruitFruits and vegetables are a significant addition to your daily diet. Substituting healthy fruits and vegetables for higher-calorie foods can be the start of a great weight-loss strategy, too.

Start your day with fresh fruit or fruit juice. This will jump start your metabolism, and add readily absorbable vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber to your system.

Snack on fresh fruit during the day rather than potato chips or candies. This is refreshing to your system, rather than a drag as heavy starches and sugars can be. If you are in a desk job, it will also lessen the amount of carbohydrates your body will store as fat.

Raw VegetablesRaw veggies with a dip can be both satisfying to your body, and a comfort food. Some studies show that crunchy foods can be a stress reliever as well.

Have a big salad for lunch. Include plenty of lettuces, spinach, and other vegetables with a light amount of cream dressing, or a little more of a vinaigrette. This will ensure that your fiber intake is high, and give your body proper time to digest it as you move around in the afternoons.

Be sure to have at least two vegetables with dinner, or raw fruit for dessert.

Keep up the intake of fruits and veggies at every meal and see what happens to your energy, drive, and your waistline.