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Browse these hot listings of diet plan discounts and online weight loss program deals. Save with Weight Watchers promotion codes, Nutrisystem coupons, or a discount coupon code for another online weight loss plan. Our discount online coupons are free to use for instant savings on weight loss diet programs. Just click the coupon link and enter the coupon code (if there is one.)

       Diet Plan Coupons & Weight Loss Program Coupon Codes

Diet PlanCoupon, Discount or OfferExpiration
Best Life DietFree Diet Profile Unknown

Biggest Loser ClubGet a free diet profile Unknown

Denise Austin Fit ForeverGet your free fitness success plan! Unknown

Diet To Go$25 off any order of $100 or more
You must enter Diet To Go Coupon Code: 25off100cj

Dr Siegals Cookie Diet$40 off purchase of 4 week supply!
You must enter Dr Siegals Cookie Diet Coupon Code: DOD40OFF

Duke DietFree Duke Diet Evaluation Unknown

eDietsSAVE 25%
You must enter eDiets Coupon Code: SAVE25

Jenny CraigFree Consultation Right Now by Phone Unknown

Jillian Michaels20% off New Year's Sale. May 30, 17

MedifastGet 2 weeks FREE!
You must enter Medifast Coupon Code: GetTwo

Nutri SystemGet $50 Off Your First Order Plus Fedex Free Shipping!. Friday, May 27, 16

Sonoma DietGet a FREE analysis Unknown

South Beach Diet20% off South Beach Diet. Feb 15, 17

Weight WatchersWeight Watchers: Join for Free when you buy select plans! Restrictions Apply. May 30, 16

When there's a coupon code associated with an offer, you must enter it at the diet program's web site so you get the special deal. Promotional diet offers can expire without notice, so check that you received the expected discount. If a coupon or coupon code doesn't work, please email us so that we can update the site quickly.

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